In Japanese, those who have a sensitive tongue, particularly to hot foods, are said to have a nekojita ("cat's tongue). While many tumblers these days are great at keeping beverages hot for long periods, that doesn't always translate into an easy drinking experience for those with a sensitive tongue who want hot coffee or tea, but not quite that hot.

Fortunately Japanese manufacturer Doshisha seems to have an answer for those people with their new "Cat's Tongue Tumbler", which cools down hot drinks to optimal drinking temperature within three minutes and then keeps them that way.

While Doshisha has their own double-structure stainless steel tumbler that's good for keeping drinks hot, they say they decided to release the Cat's Tongue Tumbler after feedback from customers with sensitive tongues who found their beverages too hot to drink even after waiting some time. In response, they've released a version with a heat absorbing agent and a three-layer structure to satisfy the needs of tongues with a feline disposition.

The Cat's Tongue Tumbler has a the vacuum double-structure of other tumblers, but also an inner endothermic layer. An inhouse comparison conducted by Doshisha found that in the newly made tumblers, an 80°C beverage cooled to 67°C within three minutes, and stayed in the 60°C range for an hour afterwards. Meanwhile, in their standard tumbler they stayed in the 80°C range for that hour--which seems like a very quick answer for people who have a sensitive tongue.

The Cat's Tongue Tumblers have a twistable lid and are easy to wash as well.

And come in four colors.

The Cat's Tongue tumblers can be ordered directly from Doshisha, but are also available on Amazon as well.

By - Big Neko.