Donguri Kyowakoku is the source of all the coolest Studio Ghibli merchandise in Japan. They deal in anything from paperclip holders, to tea leaves to rain coats. This Ghibli wonderland has goods to suit any fan of the legendary animation studio.

In 2018, one of Ghibli’s most popular films, My Neighbour Totoro, celebrated its 30 year anniversary, and to mark that milestone, Donguri teamed up with apparel brand GBL, who specialise in ‘American casual’ style clothes. They released an embroidered Japanese-style jacket called a ‘sukajan’ featuring the movie’s memorable ‘Cat Bus’.

Sukajan jackets have an image of being worn by rebellious members of society, and the style is currently going through a vintage revival as a trendy piece to add some edge to an outfit.

Now to celebrate the opening of GBL’s new premises in Miyashita Park, a special edition of this popular item is being released, the ‘Shibuya version’, in reference to the location of the new shop.

While the original Cat Bus sukajan was in black, the revamped version comes in blue.

As it is the special ‘Shibuya’ edition, the destination display on the Cat Bus reads Shibuya in Japanese characters as part of the new design.

The sleeves feature the super cute soot sprites.

It’s available in several sizes depending on the kind of fit you want, and also has a commemorative label inside that reads 2020 Shibuya.

The jacket will be sold in the new GBL shop from 31st October for 29,800 yen (plus tax) and can be ordered from the Donguri Kyowakoku online shop from 4th November.

By - Jess.