Snoopy in Ginza is one of the popular events in Japan that take place every year at Mitsukoshi Ginza.

This year will be the 22nd run of the event, and it also marks the 70th anniversary of the Peanuts Comics and the 90th anniversary of Mitsukoshi Ginza.

The event will have on display 13 exhibits where Snoopy and the gang will travel to famous places around the world because the theme for this year is "World Photo Journey".

There will be a lot of merchandise with our favorite characters, and here are some of the few you can get:

Pin Badges

The Pin Badges come in two sets: a) (3cm) for 715 yen or b) Ginza Mitsukoshi 90th anniversary for 1,100 yen.

Pouches with cookies (1,100 yen)

Mascots with Snoopy and the Peanuts gang (1,518 yen)

KUTANI SEAL Plates (3,300 yen)

A4 Folders (330 yen)

Tea Tins with Coasters (1,320 yen per item)

There are also original and limited-edition items made in collaboration with Mitsukoshi Ginza, such as:

Pouch Artisan & Artist (8,580 yen)

Pin Badge Light Style (500 yen per item and available only in the store)

Suitcase Ace (39,600 yen)

Mini Bottle & Honey & Belgium Chocolate Baumkuchen Set Ocean & Terre (2,750 yen)

Snoopy Cookie Tin Patisserie Etienne (2,506 yen)

Macaron Set La Boutique de Joel Robuchon (3,240 yen)

Snoopy in Ginza will be available until the 3rd of November and take note that there is a limited quantity of the items on sale.

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