Nissin has given their flagship product Cup Noodle a number of different twists, including a "magical" powder packet that turns leftover soup into solid form, a low-carb protein packed upgrade, and even an intricate plastic model.

Their latest noodle twist goes beyond flavor and aesthetic, however, aiming to tackle the growing problem of plastic waste around the world. Nissin is officially adopting an adhesive lid seal that uses no plastic. The change is motivated by the company's sustainable goal of addressing the 33 tons of plastic waste Nissin estimates they have previously produced per year.

You can see in the above photo the new design (left) compared to the current lid uses (right). Nissin will be ditching the single plastic seal used to shut the lid of Cup Noodle, and adopt a double-flapped lid that can be fastened shut while your ramen cooks.

Because of the new double-ear flaps, Nissin has been advertising the new "W-lid" as a cat-like cover for your Cup Noodle products. The lid change will begin to be implemented in June, 2021.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.