Kirby fans in Japan used to have to wait to get their fix of adorable food shaped like their favourite characters, hoping a pop-up cafe would turn up. But now, there’s not one, but two permanent cafes to enjoy at their leisure. Lucky fans in both Tokyo and Hakata can vacuum up as much grub as they want into their open mouths, much like the round, pink protagonist himself.

Not only is there now awesome Kirby themed food all year round, there’s also temporary menus based on the season. The cafe has just announced their winter 2020 lineup, which even includes dishes inspired by the new Nintendo Switch game Kirby Fighters 2.

The seasonal twists are reflected in the food such as the 'Winter Kirby Burger and Clam Chowder Pasta', which shows Kirby with a cosy looking star scarf wrapped around his circular figure. This dish comes with an awesome souvenir plate too, included in the price.

The 'Chewing Kirby Warm Pie Stew' looks perfect for a chilly day. It also comes with a souvenir item, an adorable soup cup.

You can’t get more winter inspired that this hamburger chilli, which looks just like snowy scenery.

And the super adorable Kirby bento box is back again with a new dinner idea to fill it up. This time it’s a gratin bowl, and customers who opt for this menu item also get their own bento box to take home with them.

There’s also offerings directly based on Kirby Fighters 2, one of which is a Wrestler Kirby burger.

This winter the Kirby Cafe are also debuting their first ever Japanese-style dessert. This adorable pastel coloured anmitsu is decorated with one of Kirby’s adversaries, Ice Dragon.

Or another dessert references Kirby Fighters 2, with a Meta Knight and King Dedede tag team themed sweet dish.

One of the cafe’s specialties is pizza and for this season they’ve come up with a festive looking berry and white chocolate dessert pizza.

The cute, original merchandise also follows the seasonal theme with some sweet winter scenes featuring the characters.

This special winter menu will be at both Kirby Cafe Tokyo and Kirby Cafe Hakata from until 29th February 2021. Check out the website for the full menu and to reserve a table at either location.

By - Jess.