It's not uncommon to find ornamental dolls on display in a Japanese household, such as Hina-ningyo, which are used to celebrate and wish for the healthy growth of the household children.

Mantaro Ningyo is a renowned traditional maker of kimekomi ningyo (often called wood and cloth dolls), having handcrafted them since 1919. The crafting of kimekomi ningyo is said to date back roughly 250 years ago, and to have first been maken by a worker at the Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto (who to this date only certifies Mantaro Ningyo as a maker) who combined priestly robes and leftover wood.

The dolls feature elegantly patterened fabric tucked into their groove bases, and often depict legendary and historic Japanese figures.

Mantaro Ningyo doesn't limit themselves to the heroes of Japanese folklore, however. Just recently they released a gorgeous wood and fabric Pikachu doll, and now they are turning to another to another iconic figure with this beautiful fabric-lined traditional wooden Kirby doll.

Using their celebrated traditional techniques and expert craftsmanship, Mantaro Ningyo has created a palm-sized napping Kirby kimekomi ningyo using high quality cloth. The doll recreates the roundness and adorable expression of a truly in Dream Land Kirby with a touch of elegance, and looks great from every angle.

The dolls are being made in a limited batch of 300, and are available for order from Mantaro Ningyo for 13,200 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.