Mataji’s wife made curry rice for their family one day.

Something about the meal made him want to share it on his Twitter account (@beppumataji).

His Son’s Curry

If you’ve ever heard of kyaraben or charaben, the short form of character bento, then you know it’s common for Japanese moms to design their children’s bentos in the shape of people, animals, plants, and even popular anime characters like Pikachu.

Well, this time, Mataji’s wife topped her son’s curry rice with a familiar face.

Reproduced with permission from Mataji Beppu (@beppumataji)

A bit of curry sauce for eyes, sliced ham for cheeks and a nose, and carrots make up the mouth.

It looks just like Anpanman! Nice job mom!

How About Dad’s Curry?

Ok, so let’s imagine Mataji and his son sitting at the table.

Mom first serves their son the cute kyara curry shown above.

Then she brings over Mataji’s plate. “Here you go hun,” she says with a funny look on her face.

He looks down at his curry and sees…

Reproduced with permission from Mataji Beppu (@beppumataji)

Looks like dad gets the leftovers again…

Ok, but wait, it could be a masked wrestler or a ghost.

One Twitter user replied that he could make out an afro in the curry above the empty ham face.

Maybe it’s just our imaginations. But what can’t be denied is that Mataji’s curry has way more of the good stuff.

It’s full of meat and vegetables! So looks like mom took good care of him after all.

By - Mujo.