When perusing vending machines and convenience store aisles in Japan, it's not uncommon to stumble upon a "drinkable" version of food you may not have previously identified as such. Many are sweets such as drinkable cheesecake and roasted sweet potato, whereas hotter seasons offer canned spicy mapo soup and even microwavable dashi with sake cups.

But just when one believes themselves past the point of surprise, a new one comes out--and sometimes with a stroke of genius. Longtime Japanese beverage maker Pokka Sapporo has cooked up one that is getting viral social media delight: drinkable canned curry.

On it's own, an instant can of Japanese curry might seem a bit too much, but Pokka Sapporo's creative inspiration for the drink explains it all. There has been a recent trend of people in Japan buying light meals and hot drinks such as rice balls or bread and a hot drink to fill them up for the day. Replacing the hot drink with a 10-spice mild hot curry? Their research found that the most commonly bought items were bread and rice balls...all of which are the best partner for curry!

The drinkable canned curry is called "Curry no kibun", which translates to "I'm in the mood for curry".

While it's intended to pair with bread or rice, it's loaded with veggies and meat that Pokka Sapporo indicates can be an instant meal in a can. Then 10 spices come from Pokka Sapporo's own Mascot spice lineup, which results in a mildly spicy taste.

Curry no kibun will go on sale throughout Japan on August 23rd--sold in both as a hot and room temperature drink.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.