It can often be tricky to tell the age or even true size of a Samoyed from just looking at them. Their extra fluffy nature and almost-always smiling face makes them somewhat of an eternal puppy.

That seems to be the case with an adorable Samoyed in Japan named Soran (@samoedsoran), who at about 6 months old seems to be fluffy enough to busting out of anything he's stuffed in.

Soran's human companion recently shared these head-turning pics of the white fur ball hitching a ride in his backpack on the way to the dog park that has charmed the internet:

"Yesterday, we biked over to the dog park! Everyone was turning their heads around to see Soran the super fluff on my back. It looks like he’s busting out of the backpack, but it’s just that he’s super fluffy! He actually fits perfectly into it. Once there were fewer pedestrians on our way home, I let him run alongside the bike, though, he still runs in a zigzag and not so straight".

It seems that Soran has taken a particular liking to this backpack, as @samoedsoran writes that he's been snuggling into it every since a little pup. Even when simply walking, Soran loves jumping into his snug little comfy space.

The pictures have been receiving a lot of comments from those charmed by the Samoyed's preferred method of travel:

Too adorable! He looks like a stuffed animal backpack!

Ok this is just way too cute. He’s such a good boy! I wanna do this with my puppy, too!

Soran is so good being in the back, carried so calmly. It looks like he’s a moving stuffed animal! So cute. Congrats on the bike debut with Soran! I’ve started with mine at 5 months of age.

I can’t believe he’s so perfectly fitted and remaining so calm while being carried!

Look at the fluff!

Fluff overload!

By - Mugi.