We all show our love in different ways, but this "over sixty" Japanese married couple has made their show of affection for one another a fashionable routine. Bonpon511, a nickname that combines the date of their wedding anniversary with aliases of the husband and wife) are a married couple of 37 years from Japan, who have attracted over 70,000 followers to their account. One look is all it takes to see why, as the lovely couple has documented their romantic spirit for spending time with each other by coordinating outfits throughout their marriage. Whether it's grabbing tea, touring museums, or just going to IKEA, the couple loves to match outfits and wear their love on their sleeves!

In one lovely post, they write that they are touched by all the warm and supportive comments, and also say that they just want people to think that there is nothing wrong with growing old. "We will soon be living off our pension and things will be tough, but even without expensive things, we can spend our days together getting along, laughing, and matching clothes!" You can check out that philosophy in some samples below, and on their adorable Instagram account.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.