If you grew up watching the charming adventures of Shaun the Sheep, you’ll certainly want to line up for a seat at one of Tokyo’s newest themed cafes — Shaun the Sheep Farm Cafe with Sunday Brunch. Located inside the Parco mall at Kichijoji, the stylish Sunday Brunch cafe has temporarily turned itself into a locale fully devoted to the adorable stop-motion animation series.

The cafe, which was created in celebration of Aardman Animations’ 40th anniversary, will be serving up food and drinks that are almost too cute to eat until November 28th, 2016. From delicious plates of shepherd’s pie to beautifully decorated cakes, the cafe’s original menu is sure to leave hungry visitors eager for more.

Fill up your stomach with some Shirley’s Shepherd’s Pie,


Bitzer's Liverpool English Stew,


or Timmy's Buttermilk Chicken Pie.


Or, treat yourself to an afternoon pick-me-up with Shaun's Gateau Chocolat or Farm Fruit Shortcake,


The Naughty Pigs Apple Cheese Tart,


Crazy for Shaun and Bitzer drinks filled with muffins, doughnuts, marshmallows,


and so much more!


Source: PR Times

Each Shaun the Sheep-themed dish comes with an original coaster or another extra goody. If you’re seeking a fun-filled afternoon of delicious food and the charming presence of Shaun the Sheep, a visit to the Shaun the Sheep Farm Cafe is an absolute must.

Shaun the Sheep Farm Cafe with Sunday Brunch

Location: Parco Kichijoji 4F
Open 10/7〜11/28/2016
Hours: 10AM〜9PM

By - grape Japan editorial staff.