Ever since 2002 when it released Yubari melon flavor Kit Kat, Nestlé has been developing local Kit Kat varieties in collaboration with local specialty produce, products such as matcha and sake, and various local brands. Such regional Kit Kats have become known and appreciated as souvenirs to be enjoyed not only by Japanese customers but also by foreign tourists visiting Japan.

In its most recent regional collaboration, Nestlé headed north to Aomori Prefecture, the #1 prefecture for apple production in Japan.

Kit Kat Mini - Ragueneau Sasaki "Patissier's Apple Sticks" Flavor

Ragueneau Sasaki Co., Ltd. 株式会社ラグノオささき was founded in 1884 in Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture. In case you're wondering, the company started out as Sasaki Bakery, based on the founder's name, and the "Ragueneau" part was added in 1958, inspired by the pastry chef friend of Cyrano in the play "Cyrano de Bergerac".

The company has a solid reputation in the region for their cakes, cookies and sweets, especially those which make use of Aomori's prized apples. Among these, one of their best-selling pastry sweets are the "Patissier's Apple Sticks." Flavorful Aomori apples in light syrup are contained within a lightly buttered flaky pie shell and cut into an easy-to-eat stick shape:

To realize this collaboration, and reproduce the taste of the beloved cake, Nestlé kneaded powdered apples sourced from Aomori Prefecture into the cream filling between the wafers, and coated it in apple pie-flavored white chocolate.

When it goes on sale on November 16th, 2020, Nestlé hopes that Kit Kat Mini - Ragueneau Sasaki "Patissier's Apple Sticks" Flavor will become a new local souvenir for tourists visiting Aomori Prefecture, as well as an opportunity for people living in Aomori Prefecture to rediscover their local produce. Of course, for foreign visitors discovering Aomori, it will be a great souvenir as well.

Kit Kat Mini - Ragueneau Sasaki "Patissier's Apple Sticks" Flavor will come in boxes of 9 Kit Kat Minis and will set you back 800 JPY + tax when they go on sale on November 16th, 2020 at Ragueneau Sasaki's directly-managed stores as well as souvenir and gift shops throughout Aomori Prefecture.

For more information on Kit Kat regional collaboration products, visit their website here.

By - Ben K.