Beautiful nighttime photography of cherry blossoms in Hirosaki Park.

The end of sakura season in Japan typically means saying goodbye to the slew of seasonal sakura-themed products that flood the country's convenience stores during peak flower viewing season, but in the wake of the hanami rush, many like to look back on one of Japan's most gorgeous seasons by celebrating with photography that captures the fleeting beauty of the iconic flower. Kenta (@knt_photo), a photographer who specializes in taking pictures of northern Japan, reminds us that some of the most spectacular sakura scenery is actually on display after dark with his brilliant nighttime photography of cherry blossoms in Aomori prefecture's Hirosaki park.

The photos capture a fantastic view of sakura in full bloom on a quiet evening in Hirosaki Park, which are made even more beautiful with the help of the illumination displays surrounding them at night. Lauded as one of the three greatest evening sakura-viewing spots in Japan with over 2,500 cherry blossom trees, the park is filled with "sakura tunnels" and the moat of the nearby Hirosaki Castle which is often filled with sakura petals during flower viewing season, and also provides a fascinating reflection in the evening. After seeing Kenta's photography, many have expressed a desire to one day go to Hirosaki Park. For that, there is no better time to visit than during the Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival (April 21st to May 6th, 2018--with similar dates every year).

If you can, we recommend you stay until evening to catch stunning scenery like this!

By - Big Neko.