Japan goes hard when it comes to seasonal treats, with a host of limited time only creations appearing throughout the year. Thanks to this reputation, the Japanese branches of coffee chain Starbucks and their exclusive offerings have become the envy of Frappuccino fans around the world.

And it looks like it’s already that time of year. The time for Starbucks Japan’s second Christmas beverage lineup of the Holiday season. They previously released the ‘Berry x Berry Rare Cheese’ drinks earlier this month, and they are already disappearing off the menu and making way for a brand new duo.

The second instalment in the holiday drinks collection carries on the theme of doubling up on a flavour, and glory be to the green tea gods, it’s matcha!

Source: Starbucks Japan

The ‘Matcha x Matcha White Chocolate Frappuccino’ combines the rich and bitter taste of matcha with sweet and mild white chocolate. The green and white colour combination is perfect for putting the drinker in a Christmassy mood, and the matcha sauce creates a pretty marbling effect. For toppings, there’s the classic whipped cream, but there’s also crumbly bits of matcha brownie and powdered sugar to give the impression of snow.

Source: Starbucks Japan

Since many people would prefer a hot drink over the winter period, there’s another beverage on offer to satiate that need. The ‘Matcha x Matcha White Chocolate’ is made by mixing matcha and white mocha syrup together in steamed milk.

Both these creamy Christmas drinks will go on sale on 25th November and hang around until 25th December, when hopefully we will get another holiday season treat in time for New Year!

By - Jess.