With Starbucks Japan’s range of seasonal creations, you already know they’ve got every upcoming holiday sorted. They went full fall with their sweet potato autumn offering, but who knew that before many of us even got around to carving our pumpkins, they were already plotting their string of winter treats.

This latest announcement has been labelled as ‘2020 Christmas season beverage number one’ in the press release, heavily implying that it’s just one of several surprises to come.

This first round has both a decadent-looking Frappuccino and a hot beverage for those who prefer something warm during the winter season.

Source: Starbucks Japan

The ‘Berry x Berry Rare Cheesecake Frappuccino’ relies on the tasty combination of berries and cheesecake to create a holiday season inspired red and white beverage. Namely, a strawberry, cranberry and raspberry sauce marbled into a cheesecake flavoured icy Frappuccino base. For toppings, they’ve gone for whipped cream, raspberry meringue and white chocolate.

Source: Starbucks Japan

The berry theme continues for the hot beverage entry, the ‘Berry x Berry White Mocha’. This drink weaves white chocolate and berry flavour into a rich espresso, perfect for taking a break to warm up on a chilly day.

Despite being part of the holiday season range, these berry-packed drinks will only be available from 1st November until 24th November, when presumably a new Christmas wonder will take over...

By - Jess.