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Cybird TV to have its first livestream!

Oh-ho! Look out, you Otome and Ikemen fans! Cybird's kicking off their new "CYBIRD TV" livestream broadcasts starting Saturday, November 21!

The first guest will be Hisanori Sato (Stardust Production), a currently active stage play actor known for his roles in the Prince of Tennis musicals, the Demon Slayer stage play held earlier this year in January. Due to the Covid pandemic, however, several of his scheduled performances have been cancelled, such as the Bungo to Alchemist stage play, which was scheduled for this past September. Others may recognize him for his role as Sebastian in the "Ikemen Vampire - the Temptation of Love with Great People" romance game that boasts a cumulative total of 30 million users worldwide! Wow!

Shuta Morishima and Hiroto Kuramasu, the general manager of Cybird's overseas division, will act as MCs.

The program itself, since it's meant to be a sort of global broadcast, will be a mesh of English and Japanese so fans across the globe should be able to tune in and enjoy the overseas content Cybird has to offer!

  • First CYBIRD TV Live Broadcast
    • Saturday, November 21, 1:00pm JST
    • MC: Morishima Shuta (Sebastian)
    • MC: Hiroto Kuramasu
    • Guest: Sato Hisanori (Theodorus van Gogh)

Special 1st Broadcast Viewer Participation Campaign!!

To celebrate the first livestream broadcast, Cybird will be hosting a global fanart event! Post your fan art to the international Twitter account with the hashtag #theoart, and your art might be selected at random to be displayed during the livestream! There's only a few days left, so get going!!

By - Terra Dragos.