Illustrator Cioccolatodorima has a flair for creative artwork, but what he really seems to do well is what's known in Japan as gijinka (擬人化). Gijinka is Japanese for "personification" or "anthropomorphism", and in modern usage typically refers to an art style that humanizes animals or inanimate objects with an anime aesthetic that displays characteristics of the original model. Cioccolatodorima is applying his talent in that regard to the various flavors of Kit Kat, which includes Japan's never-ending lineup of exciting flavors like melon and mascarpone cheese, or flavors set to match your birthstone.

Over the past year or so, Cioccolatodorima has created a series of artwork that brings the various flavors of Kit Kat bars to life. Re-imagining the Kit Kats as gorgeous anime boys and girls is one thing, but Cioccolatodorima goes as far as to flesh out subtle character traits that reflect the corresponding flavor. If you want to see more of Cioccolatodorima's great artwork, be sure to follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Deviantart. You can also compare them to the time another artist turned fast food franchises into anime characters.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.