Mimaru, an apartment-hotel chain in Japan, debuted their first Pokemon themed hotel rooms last December, in their hotels based in Tokyo and Kyoto, the two most popular tourist destinations in the country.

Thanks to the popularity of this Pokemon inspired accommodation, Mimaru have announced even more rooms to be made over in the image of the beloved franchise, in one of their Tokyo and one of their Osaka locations.

The chain are known for their large, family-friendly rooms and the decor includes plenty of Pokeball motifs and characters, as well as accessories such as kitchenware and eating utensils.

When the visuals for the rooms were revealed last year, one of the features that stood out the most was the giant plush Snorlax sitting on the bed.

The new room will open in Mimaru Tokyo Ginza East from 1st December, and Mimaru Osaka Namba North from 14th January. Both locations are open for booking online. Check out our previous article for a list of other locations where you can find these dream Pokemon rooms!

By - Jess.