Japanese food artist Ponjiro (@Ponjiro_clay) has a very specific but awesome talent--turning Pokémon into adorable and delicious wagashi, traditional Japanese sweets. Recently, we saw Ponjiro serve up a batch of Swinub-inspired manju cakes that were almost too cute to eat.

As you can see, Ponjiro has a whole Pokédex of expertly crafted confectionery to admire:

Ponjiro's latest Pokémon-wagashi fusion is once again making mouths water and melting hearts with its cuteness, taking the flying and grass-type Jumpluff and turning it into a bite-sized Japanese treat. This time Ponjiro changed the Pokémon's color to pink to reflect a spring wagashi favorite in Japan like sakura mochi!

Source: @Ponjiro_clay

Source: @Ponjiro_clay

Even the tiny balls on each side of Jumpluff are part of the dessert!

Source: @Ponjiro_clay

The Jumpluff wagashi is made by coloring and connecting kneaded pieces with strawberry, pumpkin, green tea, and sakura latte flavoring, as well as anko red bean paste filling. You can watch the crafting process as Ponjiro walks you through the making of the delicious Pokémon food art on their YouTube channel!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.