Japan’s official Pokemon Cafe branches have taken the art of Pocket Monster-themed food to new levels, especially when it comes to desserts. So much so that a whole new offshoot of the Pokemon Cafe was created to specialise in sweets. This takeout-only stand is called ‘Pikachu Sweets’, and although it only opened last year we’ve already seen numerous cute creations such as Pikachu cupcakes and Eevee frappes.

Their latest offering takes us back to the eatery’s namesake, with a new Pikachu inspired frappe. The beverage is called the ‘Caramel Pika Pika Frappe’, and is advertised as a ‘pudding you can drink’.

The frappe is piled high with whipped cream, as any good frappe should be, and flavoured with caramel sauce. Chocolate chips add some bite to the dessert-like drink, and Pikachu features adorn the cup, including his face and pointy, yellow ears.

Each frappe also comes with one of four cup sleeve designs starring Pikachu in his intrepid explorer gear in honour of the new Pokemon movie coming out this winter, ‘Secrets of the Jungle’. The cup sleeves will be given out at random, so you may have to visit the stand quite a few times if you plan to catch 'em all.

The beverage will be appearing at Pikachu Sweets in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City from 5th December until 15th January costing 700 yen (plus tax). Check out the website for the full menu and more information.

By - Jess.