Last year the first ever permanent Pokémon Cafe opened up right next to the Pokémon Center DX in Tokyo's Nihonbashi district, and ever since then it's been offering seasonal treats such as Sword and Shield starter plates and Halloween Pokémon dishes.

Flagship Pokémon Pikachu has often been featured on the menu a lot, but now the electric critter is getting a rather surprising makeover for the 2020 cherry blossom season in Japan--sakura afro Pikachu sweets and lattes.

As a one year anniversary celebration, the Nihonbashi Pokémon Cafe will be offering two items featuring Pikachu with an afro made out of cherry blossoms. The first is the Sakura Afro Pikachu Fruit Sandwich Cake, which takes a Pikachu-shaped cake and sandwiches it with "fluffy" strawberry cream and sakura decorations.

The second is adding a sakura afro motif Pikachu to the variety of Pokémon you can select as art in your latte--served in a Pokéball cup, of course.

Both items will be available exclusively at the Nihonbashi Pokémon Cafe from March 14th to April 19th. Reservations can be made online as well.

By - Big Neko.