When Japanese oddity shop isn't satisfying Japanese RPG fans with glowing USB sticks that look like Final Fantasy save crystals, they often team up with popular illustrators and fashion brands to release items ranging from sexy succubus swimsuits and "lingerie that corrupts virgins" to comfortable indoor loungewear inspired by traditional Japanese dress.

Their latest fashion release definitely trends toward the latter variety, this time with an animal twist: a wearable blanket that turns you into a giant Japanese flying squirrel!

The "wearable blanket that turns you into a monmonga (Japanese flying squirrel)" is pretty much what it says it is--a very fluffy and billowy blanket that you drape over yourself to look like a giant flying squirrel. With a wingspan of 165cm (65 inches), you can pretty much glide around your room as a flying squirrel would--with some added warming comfort against the cold, of course.

The blanket is yet another team up between Village Vanguard and fashion designer Favorite, and comes with a detachable tail. The blanket can also be zipped up from the sides for when you want to trap yourself in it and catch a squirrel nap.

Those hoping to hibernate this winter as a flying squirrel can order from Village Vanguard in Japan for 13,178 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.