Even with so many goods, games, and tourist locations tied to the hit franchise, Pokémon fans have often fantasized about the idea of Pokémon existing in the real world. While that dream may be impossible to realize, talented Japanese clay model maker Nendoyorishin (Twitter, YouTube) may be doing the closest thing to it.

Nendoyorishin, who describes themselves as "a person who makes Pokémon", creates full-scale (well, estimated) 3D models of Pokémon. Their models aren't simply for looks, however, as they actually include functions based on the Pokémon's abilities or characteristics!

Their latest work that has been turning heads is an awesome recreation of water-type Pokémon Shellder. Not only is the clay model the spitting image of Shellder, but it is also built to shoot an "Aurora Beam".

The vivid color and attention to detail makes it seem as if Shellder has come to life straight from the anime or video games, but Nendoyorishin designed the model so that it can fit a lighting mechanism inside to recreate Shellder's Aurora Beam move. That way, the model can be used as a party light or even humidifier.

Their YouTube channel details the creation process and shows it in action!

The Shellder light is just scratching the surface of Nendoyorishin's creations, however.

Alolan Exeggutor and Oddish planters

Bounsweet aroma dispenser

Litwick candles

Mimikyu and Pumpkaboo lights

And so many more awesome models!

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By - Big Neko.