Known as Kaki no Tane 柿の種 (literally, "persimmon seeds"), the small, orange, crescent-shaped rice crackers with a soy and mild chili pepper taste have been around since the Taisho Era in Japan, and are a staple at many bars, often mixed with peanuts. They are now made by several companies, but the largest producer is Kameda Seika Co., Ltd.

Numerous flavor variations exist, such as wasabi, nori seaweed, shiso and more recently, even chocolate coated versions.

But now, for a limited time, Kameda Seika is releasing a special edition of their long-running best-selling rice cracker flavored with not one but two kinds of cheese made in Hokkaido: gouda and parmesan, paired with black-pepper coated peanuts.

Kameda's "Hokkaido cheese flavor," which hit shelves last year, featured only Meiji Tokachi gouda cheese powder as its main ingredient, but this version also adds Meiji Tokachi parmesan cheese powder, combining the two for a rich and satisfying cheese taste. Paired with black pepper sprinkled peanuts, the two make a perfect combination. Moreover, according to the press release, the package features design accents inspired by European kitchen tile patterns to convey a more sophisticated image.

Kameda Seika's "Kaki no Tane Double Cheese Flavor" comes in a bag of six individual 150 g packs, and will be available from December 7th to the end of the month. The suggested retail price will be around 280 JPY and you'll find them in supermarkets and other retail channels nationwide.

For more information on the Kaki no Tane product lineup, visit the official page at Kameda Seika's website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.