Shaved ice still enjoyed in early fall

With September just around the corner, you may think the season for kakigori shaved ice is drawing to a close. However, as anyone who has visited Japan at this time of year will know, the weather in early fall can still be dreadfully muggy, and a refreshing bowl of kakigori is still very much appreciated.

In fact, for sweets shops and other stores which sell the iced treat as a seasonal specialty, it's quite common to see the 氷 (ice) kanji banner used to indicate kakigori, such as the one pictured below, until the end of September.

Kakigori at Japanese Tea Stand Hachiya

If you're looking for something a bit different than your run-of-the-mill syrup on ice kakigori and would like to enjoy a taste of early fall, you may be interested in the September shaved ice offering at Japanese Tea Stand Hachiya in the Sendagawa neighborhood of Tokyo.

For the first time this summer, Hachiya, a tea stand with the concept of offering Japanese culture reconfingured to modern tastes, began adding unique kakigori creations on its menu. The third one is perfect for early fall:

Shiromiso Cheese and Fig Kakigori

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This third and final kakigori offering for summer 2019 features two toppings, one made with fresh Japanese figs, and another blending shiro-miso 白みそ (a mild, sweet type of miso) and cheese. With a cheese boom still spreading throughout Japan, this isn't the first time cheese has appeared in a kakigori dessert, nor will it probably be the last. For example, we recently introduced Cheese Kitchen Racler's kakigori desserts which top shaved ice with fruits and a fluffy cheese-infused espuma. However, it may very well be the first time that miso has made its mark in a shaved ice dessert.

Hachiya drapes a syrup blending umami-rich Saikyo shiro-miso with premium cream cheese and another syrup made with sweet and fresh Japanese figs over a mountain of shaved ice and sprinkles it with crushed cashew nuts to create a cool and delicious blend of complimentary flavors and textures, as well as a visually appealing composition in the tones of autumn.

Vegans and lactose-intolerant customers can also order the dessert without shiro-miso cheese syrup. (For the same price).

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Pricing and Availability

  • Name (JP): 「白みそチーズといちじくのかき氷」
  • Name (EN): Shiromiso Cheese to Ichijiku no Kakigori (Shiro-Miso Cheese and Fig Kakigori)
  • Price: 1,000 JPY (incl. tax)
  • When: September 2nd to 30th, 9:00 to 19:00 (until syrup runs out)
  • Where: Hachiya, Sendagaya Branch
  • Address (JP): 〒151-0051東京都渋谷区千駄ヶ谷4-1-8 (Google Maps)
  • Address (EN): 4-1-8 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051
  • Website: Hachiya

By - Ben K.