Fans of the popular scientific adventure manga and anime Dr. Stone, and especially those who can speak some Japanese, may be glad to know that the franchise's fist official board game has been released.

Dr. Stone the Board Game: Senku and the Light of Civilization

Made by Arclight Games and designed by Japan's premier board game designer, Seiji Kanai, it's a multi-player collaborative scientific crafting game (which can also be played solo) with an innovative system allowing players to re-experience the story of the anime's first season.

All players work together to complete the story, which is divided into three chapters. You can explore different places, get new materials, combine them and convert them into other items, and sometimes create equipment like furnaces to convert items into more advanced items in order to achieve your goals. The key is to collect items as efficiently as possible while cooperating and discussing points of concern. As the chapter progresses, the game play becomes more interesting and the number of surprises increases, so you can enjoy the world of Dr. Stone as you play.

If you have scientific knowledge or know the story of Dr. Stone you'll be able to anticipate what happens when you convert materials, but even if you don't, you can acquire scientific knowledge while playing.

You play the role of one of six residents of Ishigami Village like Chrome and Kohaku, helping Senku in his quest to rebuild human civilization through science and technology. Each character has their abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and it is up to you to understand them and assign their roles in order to move the story forward.

Character card sample

Chrome / "I'll show you some awesome skills!" / AP: 4, Strength: 3, Intelligence: 5. / When you obtain materials through exploration, you can look at two cards from the deck and choose one card. Put the card you didn't choose on top or at the bottom of the deck. / Full of curiosity and honest in character. He's looking for various materials he can use to cure Kohaku's older sister Ruri. Gifted with a flexible mindset, he sometimes catches Senku by surprise.

Kohaku / "I believe in science, and in Senku!" / AP: 5, Strength: 5, Intelligence: 2. / AP required for processing goes down by 1 point. / A girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, she is light on her feet and possesses fighting abilities equal to any man. She has an antiquated way of speaking. She worries about her sickly older sister Ruri.

Material card sample

Corundum: A crystalline form of aluminum oxide. Extremely hard, it becomes gemstones such as ruby when polished.

Wood: Wood which is easy to process into materials, sourced from felled Japanese cedar or hinoki cypress trees.

Front of box

Back of box

Product Information


  • Name (JP): 『Dr.STONE ボードゲーム 千空と文明の灯』
  • Translation: Dr. Stone the Board Game: Senku and the Light of Civilization
  • Price: 3,800 JPY + tax
  • On sale: December 24th, 2020
  • JAN Code: 4542325120385


  • Players: 1 to 4
  • Playing time: 30 to 90 mins.
  • Suitable for ages: 10 and up (knowledge of Japanese assumed)
  • Difficulty level: 2 out of 5
  • Original work: Riichiro Inagaki / Boichi (serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump", Shueisha)
  • Game design: Seiji Kanai
  • Graphic design: Ryo Fukushima (Drift LLC)
  • Cooperation: Dr. Stone Production Committee
  • Product page at Arclight Games

By - Ben K.