With a second season of the anime adaptation set to air in January 2021, excitement over the science adventure manga Dr. Stone, written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi, is only growing.

As fans know, Senku, the young scientific genius and protagonist of the story set in a world where civilization has eroded thousands of years after an inexplicable event petrified nearly all human life, revives humans with a solution based on nitric acid. But now it looks like a Snickers bar could also do the trick.

Of course, that's because Dr. Stone and Mars Japan Ltd. have joined forces on a commercial campaign featuring Snickers. They've also enlisted the help of popular Japanese comedian Kōki Kusanagi of the manzai duo Miyashita Kusanagi, known for his unique style of self-deprecating negative humor.

In the web commercial, Senku encounters Kusanagi petrified like all the other humans. He thrusts a Snickers bar into Kusanagi's mouth, and he is suddenly revived. The grateful comedian proceeds to wolf down the Snickers bar with much gusto, saying: "I can't stop myself." But true to character, he ends with: "What if it's a trap?"

If you live in Japan, you can also participate in a Twitter campaign in which 40,000 people will win a coupon for a free "Snickers Peanut Single" and 100 people will additionally win an original printed plastic folder:

To find out more, visit the campaign website here.

By - Ben K.