At a time when most RPGs were set in fantasy worlds and monsters were fought with magical swords, Nintendo’s Mother video game series broke new ground by having non-fantasy elements and equipping its characters with baseball bats and toy guns.

The setting of the first two games wasn’t anything too out of the ordinary either; it was based on director Shigesato Itoi’s “slightly offbeat” version of the US. But despite having a relatively normal setting and characters, the game reels you in through its story and unique mechanics.

When Mother 2 came around, it became the first game in the series to see a US distribution, where it was subsequently renamed to “Earthbound”. The wide release of the game helped contribute to its lasting legacy, which is still being remembered not just by fans in the US, but in Japan too.

With this legacy in mind, a Japanese fashion company collaborated with a producer of Japanese vintage jackets (also known as “sukajan, スカジャン”) for a commemorative Mother 2 embroidered jacket. It is a reissue of a sukajan that was distributed to members of the staff who were involved with the game.

The jacket is reversible and features the original logo for the Japanese title of the game. It also has dragon patterns across the front and back, which is a common style choice for sukajan jackets.

Although information on where the jacket will be available from hasn’t been released yet, it was announced that it is currently scheduled to go on sale in February 2021, with a tentative price of 88,000 yen.

By - Jen Laforteza.