Many people are still refraining from going outside so to protect themselves and others from the possibility of spreading the Covid-19; therefore, more stores have now take-out or delivery options available.

Japan, too, is one of the countries that have a lot of restaurants and stores with take-out or delivery. Now, you can have bento boxes, groceries, sweets, sushi, even ramen delivered to your home.

As winter is coming, Onyasai and Sukiya came with another surprise to warm us up during this season: Take-Out/Delivery Nabe.

Nabe(鍋) is the Japanese word for Hot pot dishes, and it is also one of Japan’s favorite meals during the cold season.

There’s nothing better than having nabe with your family or friends while warming up your feet inside the kotatsu.

Below, I will introduce you to what kind of Nabe you can order from Onyasai and Sukiya:


Onyasai has started the “Ouchi de Onyasai”(おうちで温野菜/Onyasai at home) campaign, which includes shabu shabu suki shabu sets where you can choose the set you want, freely choose the dashi(soup stock) and get it delivered at home(or get it for take-out).

Shabu-Shabu is a type of Japanese hotpot dish that many people love in Japan.


At Onyasai, you can choose between:

-Buta Shabu Set (Pork Shabu Set)

The Buta Shabu Set includes 180g of Pork Ribs(Buta Karubi/豚カルビ) and Pork Loin(Buta Rosu/豚ロース), veggies, noodles, mochi shabu, cheese shabu.

For take-out, it costs 1,200 yen while delivery costs 1,700 yen.

-Kuroge Wagyu Set (Japanese Beef Set)

It includes 120g of Japanese Beef, vegetables, noodles, mochi shabu, cheese shabu.

It is pricier than the pork one and costs 2,200yen for take-out, while delivery is 3,500 yen.

The vegetables included in both sets are Chinese cabbage, cabbage, lettuce, green onions, sweet carrots, four types of mushrooms (two types of enoki, shimeji, maitake), and Inka no Mezame potatoes.

You get Chinese noodles, and you can choose from six types of dashi(broth):

  • Japanese Beef Broth(和牛だし/Wagyu Dashi)
  • Third Generation Soup Stock (三代目極みだし/Sandaime Kiwami Dashi)
  • Sukishabu dashi(すきしゃぶだし)
  • Spicy Hot Nabe Dashi (旨辛火鍋だし/Uma Kara Hi Nabe Dashi)
  • 12 kinds of medicinal plants soup stock (12種の薬膳だし/12Shu no Yakuzen Dashi)
  • The spiciness that gets you numb Super-Hot Pot Broth (しびれる辛さの超火鍋だし/Shibireru Karasa no Chou Hi Nabe Dashi)

You can also order more vegetables, each for 100 yen (take out) or 200 yen(delivery).

A normal portion of rice is 100 yen (take out), 200 yen(delivery), and half size is 80yen take-out, and 150-yen delivery. You can also order additional broth or sauce (for a plus of 100 yen or more).

You can see more information on the Onyasai Official Website.


Sukiya also launched their eat Sukiya Hot pot at-home delivery and take-out service. Also, starting from November 4th, they released the Gyudon Nabe Set Meal that looks so filling and delicious.

The Beef Suki Hot Pot Set Meal (Ouchi Gyu Suki Nabe Teishoku/おうち牛すき鍋定食) consists of rice, two eggs, a hot pot with plenty of meat, tofu, veggies, and noodles is only 780 yen (+200 yen for delivery).

Besides the Gyu Suki Nabe, they also have other three limited-time hot pot dishes:

  • Kim cheese beef sukiyaki set meal (Kim Cheese Gyu Suki Nabe/キムチーズ牛すき鍋定食) for 890 yen.
  • Mala beef hot pot set meal (Mala Gyu Hi Nabe Teishoku/麻辣牛火鍋定食) for 840 yen.
  • Clams beef hot pot set meal (Asari Gyu Hi Nabe Teishoku/あさり牛火鍋定食) for 940 yen.

You can read more on the Sukiya Official Website.

By - cinnamonellie.