Even if you’ve never been to any of his exhibitions, you’ve probably still encountered one of his colorful, eye-catching flowers somewhere. These smiling flowers are quintessential Takashi Murakami, and you can find them almost everywhere — from the walls of an art museum to t-shirts and sake bottles.

But aside from being his most recognizable piece, they also represent one value that Murakami stands for: the idea that “art and commerce will be blended”, and that art isn’t about what’s “high” or “low” culture — it’s something that should be accessible to everybody.

Because of this, there’s almost always something new that uses his art as a motif. This time around, fans of Murakami can enjoy a box set of afternoon tea snacks themed after his flower illustration.

The “Takashi Murakami Flower Afternoon Tea Take-Out Box” includes sweet items like a strawberry shortcake, colored glass jello, scones and marshmallows, and also more savory items like chicken tortilla wraps, smoked salmon, and french toast.

Overall, the box set includes 11 types of sweets and 4 types of savory items, and is priced at 18,000 yen. It’s being sold at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo and is limited to 20 boxes per day, but it’s possible to reserve the tea set through their website.

The hotel’s “The French Kitchen” restaurant also has a Takashi Murakami-themed afternoon tea buffet, which includes some of the same items that were used in the takeout version. The buffet event will run until January 31, 2021. You can find more info on the hotel’s website.

By - Jen Laforteza.