Akihabara-based retailer Thanko has a knack for crafting quirky but convenient goods meant to match a solo lifestyle. In recent years they've released a "secret base" privacy taste to be lazy in, as well as a bento-sized rice cooker that serves just enough fresh rice for one person in minutes.

Thanko recently gave some of that tailored-for-one-person ingenuity with a foldable ramen hot pot. Now the makers are doubling down on that design with a new and improved "Ore no Ramen Nabe" (My Ramen Hot Pot) that turns instant noodles into gourmet noodles for solo servings, and can also cook up a delicious ricey finish!

The "Ore no Ramen Nabe" is a compact nabe (Japanese hot pot) that fits instant bagged noodles, cooks them on the table, and lets you eat them with no added fuss.

The compact hot pot is made to cook noodles for one person. Simply add in your instant noodles, seasoning, and any desired ingredients...

And voila!

Despite its compact size, the pot is equipped with a high-heat heater on the bottom and is capable of boiling 500 ml of water in about 6 minutes. The specially designed square hot pot has internal dimensions of 130 mm (width), 75 mm (height), and 130 mm (depth). The pot is specially designed to boil almost all common bagged noodles without cracking them open.

An added bonus of the quick-cooking ramen device is that because it is an actual hot pot is that it is recommended for whipping up a "shime" (closing meal) of rice, which is often added at the end of a hot pot dinner to enjoy a flavorful serving of rice!

The Ore no Ramen Nabe is available from Thanko in Japan, as well as from Amazon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.