Takashi Murakami is known internationally as a prolific contemporary artist, and his works span from colorful sculptures to psychedelic paintings that often merge the traditional and popular cultures of Japan. But he’s made it clear that his creative endeavors are not limited to the visual arts, and has produced and opened his own bar, Bar Zingaro, in addition to his own art gallery. Now, he is dipping his feet into the world of Japanese sake, adding his unique Murakami touch to the art of sake distillery.

To make this possible, Murakami worked with NEXT5, a joint sake brewing unit based in Akita Prefecture, and created a brand new sake line. To be sold at Murakami’s bar and various stores throughout Japan is their pure junmai daiginjo original sake, which promises to be as flavorful as it is gorgeously bottled.


Source: Kaikai Kiki


Source: Kaikai Kiki

Murakami calls the members of NEXT5 as the “most innovative sake brewers in all of Japan,” which, as partners in this new endeavor, is immensely fitting for one of the most innovative contemporary artists in Japan. Two batches are currently in the making, with the first 5,000 bottles available for 3,500 yen (34.35 USD), and a special batch of 150 bottles (priced from 35,000 yen/343 USD to 170,000 yen/1,666 USD) in original ceramic bottles.

All bottles are adorned with Murakami’s famous flower motif, but the ceramic bottles will come in three colors, and all gold bottles will be signed by the artist himself.

Although the first 5,000 original bottles have been available since June 18th, fans of sake and Murakami’s art alike can start enjoying sake in beautifully designed ceramic bottles starting July 2nd.


Source: Kaikai Kiki

By - grape Japan editorial staff.