For many, Christmas dinner is highlighted by a turkey, ham, or some other kind of roast. In Japan however, its often marked by fried chicken, specifically a tradition of hitting up KFC that can require orders made weeks in advance (although Tokyo's all-you-can-eat-and-drink KFC provides some relief for this).

It doesn't have to necessarily be the Colonel's recipe, however. Many fried chicken restaurants make Christmas-dinner family packs available for takeout during the season, and Chubby Airlines, a fast food shop with the slogan "high calories are cute" (the chain is known for large portions and tries to rebrand the idea of heavy eating as "cute" with a photogenic interior) is doing the same with their "Infinity Chicken Box", which comes with chunks of boneless fried chicken as big as your face.

The "infinity" is in reference to the name of the chicken's seasoning (a mixture of garlic, butter, and soy sauce) and not the amount of chicken in the box, which totals to five slices. Each measures out 15cm (about 6 inches), which the chain says is as big as most faces.

The box is available for order from Chubby Airlines starting December 1st, and reservations are recommended. A box on its own is 2,500 yen, but an extra 100 yen will net you a collector's cup.

By - Big Neko.