Hamaa はまー (@hamacream) is no stranger to accolades. An art teacher at the Shikino Senior High School in Nara Prefecture, his chalk drawings, in particular, have earned him plenty. As a result, he has appeared in newspapers, on television and has even collaborated in official anime-related events.

His creations are often the result of his students' requests.

For example, that was the case for this drawing of a scene from Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World which he created for a seminar on chalkboard art hosted by Kadokawa back in August:

Or this one of BTS he did in October:

Under his supervision, his students' talents have blossomed, in spite of the hardships brought on by the ongoing pandemic. Their drawing of wisteria flowers on the school grounds, which they submitted representing the school's art division, won the Kinki area prize this year in chalkboard maker Nichigaku's student chalkboard art contest:

As you can imagine, Hamaa-Sensei was very proud of their accomplishment.

Leaf mosaic

Even when he's doing leaf mosaics, Hamaa-Sense is always willing to make his students happy.

On November 25th, he posted the following Tweet indicating he had received a special request from one of his students, this time to create a mosaic for Isabelle, one of the most popular characters in the Animal Crossing video game series from Nintendo.

"A request from one of my students."

As you can see, the bottom part has yet to be finished but you can already tell how Hamaa used his artistic sensitivities and skills to re-create the loveable canine character in an astonishingly accurate way, only making use of leaves in different shapes and colors. She's even wearing her orange-brown sweater for autumn.

On the following day, his followers finally had a chance to view the whole artwork, and it was definitely worth the wait!

"I did it."

Reproduced with permission from Hamaa はまー (@hamacream)

Reproduced with permission from Hamaa はまー (@hamacream)

You can almost imagine her saying something friendly and helpful. It also makes you wonder if she rakes leaves around the village.

Hamaa-Sensei on Social Media

With such obvious talent and consideration for the students under his tutelage, it's no wonder Hamaa-Sensei is popular. If you want to appreciate beautiful art, you probably won't be disappointed if you follow one of his social media accounts:

By - Ben K.