Valentine’s Day is considered the perfect excuse for a chocolate gifting extravaganza in Japan, which is why leading up to February you will see store shelves packed with all kinds of elegant and luxurious boxes of chocolate.

This even includes some chocolates inspired by certain characters to show your beloved just how well you know them. Previously we’ve seen Sanrio-inspired chocs, and even some Pokemon ones.

For Valentine’s Day 2023, Godiva Japan have announced that they will be releasing some simply adorable Animal Crossing themed chocolate sets. Specifically, these chocolates are inspired by Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the game released for the Nintendo Switch.

The collections come in different sizes with a range of super cute packaging, perfect for the romantic season. The assortment of six includes the heart and leaf items from the game made in chocolate, as well as some decorated with characters.

It can even be bought in a special set which includes an exclusive pouch featuring many recognisable faces.

There’s also sets of nine chocolates including even more Animal Crossing characters.

The assortment in the yellow box can only be found at Valentine’s chocolate events at department stores.

But if you can’t make it to a department store or a branch of Godiva, you might see some Animal Crossing chocolates at the local conbini. This sweet set of four chocs will be sold at select convenience stores.

These chocolates will be released from 6th January at Godiva stores, Godiva Cafes, and Godiva’s online store until 15th February 2023.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.