As in many countries, it's very common for Japanese schools to have yearbooks. High school yearbooks often have a page for each student where they typically describe memorable experiences, leave messages for teachers and classmates, and write about their hopes for their future.

But one particular yearbook page, shared by the graduating student who wrote it, has become a hot topic on Twitter, eliciting comments such as:

  • "Nice of the teacher to allow this!
  • "It's like a character (from fiction) who has already left the world... It made me laugh!"
  • "This guy has good taste."
  • "What a genius idea (...) Cool."

Take a look at the hilarious graduation yearbook page, posted by Morimasa もりまさ (@andMore_andMore):

"Hey, I graduated..."

Reproduced with permission from もりまさ (@andMore_andMore)

In bold letters next to the photo: "The one thing I knew"

Yearbook entry: "The fact that you are reading this yearbook means that I am no longer at this school."

Judging from another student's entry which can be faintly seen through Morimasa's page, most students probably wrote at length expressing their feelings about school life and their gratitude to their friends and teachers.

However, Morimasa only wrote one sentence!

It isn't a memorable anecdote about his time at school but it was funny and memorable nonetheless, and in its brevity, it speaks volumes about Morimasa's personality. It may come as no surprise that he was the head of his school's theater club.

It just goes to show that you don't always need to write a lot to get your point across and make a strong impact.

No matter where he ends up, he'll surely continue to learn many things in life and entertain others with his wit and humor.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.