Even though they can be very vocal, cats have a certain way of telling their human companions what they want without opening their mouths. Japanese Twitter user and animal lover @Oa1Un provided an adorable example of that recently, sharing a series of pictures featuring her two of her three adopted cats (No. 1, No.2, and Nami-chan) absolutely hypnotized by the comforting warmth of a heater.

The series of photos is short and a sweet, but almost reads like a short comic strip about cats who absolutely must have their way!

"They were too close to the heater."

"So I moved them back a bit."

"Then they moved closer again."

"I turned off the heater."

"This was their appeal to turn it back on."

Source: @Oa1Un

Source: @Oa1Un

Source: @Oa1Un

Source: @Oa1Un

With the winter season in Japan being particularly cold right now, it's no wonder the cute feline friends have been drawn so close to the heater. It makes it particularly hard to say "no" to when you see those demanding kitty eyes.

Although if the heater is off, they seem to be pretty good at warming each other up by cuddling.

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By - Big Neko.