Over the past several years ramen, perhaps Japan's favorite comfort food, has seen an increase in delicious vegan and vegetarian ramen options, including the world's first instant Buddhist cuisine ramen.

Ramen chain Kagetsu Arashi will now be reviving their popular all-plant based "Veggie Ramen NANA RX" with the added option of delivery. The vibrantly colorful bowl of plant-based ramen uses a salt-based broth made from boiled kelp and Chinese cabbage, is loaded with vegetables, and makes use of no animal products. The noodles are a thin variety that have superfood spirulina kneaded into them for a nutritional serving.

The Veggie Ramen NANA RX is available from Kagetsu Arashi locations throughout Japan for 1,090 yen, and also be available for delivery options such as Uber Eats.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.