Even though 2020 has been a difficult year, to put in mildly, Tully's Japan wants to end it on a sweet note filled with the traditional flavors of its adoptive country with a delicious latte which they're calling the "Kuromitsu Kinako Matcha Latte"

Kuromitsu Kinako Matcha Latte

Tully's Coffee's matcha beverages are made from Uji matcha from Kyoto prefecture, which is pulverized in the store, so you can appreciate the fragrance and rich taste of matcha in every sip. Add to this rich matcha taste the sweetness of 黒蜜 kuromitsu, a black syrup analogous to molasses made with unrefined kokuto sugar and found in numerous wagashi Japanese sweets, and 黄な粉 kinako fragrant roasted soybean powder from Hokkaido, and you have "Kuromitsu Kinako Matcha Latte"

Hot or Iced, Tall only 520 JPY + tax

And if that combination of flavors alone isn't sufficient for your drinkable wagashi sweets fix, you can also add warabimochi pearls for a chewy and satisfying texture accent.

It's also available as a Swirkle®

Kuromitsu Kinako Matcha Swirkle®

Tall only 540 JPY + tax, with warabimochi pearls (R) + 100 JPY

Other year-end and New Year selections

In addition to the Kuromitsu Kinako Matcha beverages, you'll find a selection of pastries and goods perfect to end your year on a sweet note and begin the new one with a healthy dose of good fortune.

Uji Matcha Kouign-Amann

A uniquely Japanese twist on the crispy, buttery Breton cake, this Kouign-amman blends Uji matcha into the dough, for a bittersweet matcha aroma.

290 JPY + tax

Milk An Donuts

These little sugar-coated donuts are filled with a mix of an red bean paste and Hokkaido milk custard. Just the right size for a sweet pick-me-up.

2021 "Gyuuto Cafe Latte" Zodiac Ox Mugs

With a name as cute as their appearance, these pink 2021 Year of the Ox mugs featuring a cute design of a water buffalo mother and calf are just waiting for your first cafe latte of the new year. The gyuuto in ぎゅーとカフェラテ Gyuuto Cafe Latte is a play on words, since gyuuto is an ideophone for "squeezing tightly" often used to describe hugging, but 牛 gyū also means cow.

1,500 JPY + tax

By - Ben K.