Afternoon tea offerings in Japan run the gamut from traditional to unconventional and everything in between. As can be expected in Japan, it isn't unusual to see tea sets reflecting the local culture, for example with this sakura-themed tea set. However, a new offering from Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay has taken the Japanese theme to a new level.

Green Botanical Afternoon Tea

Reproducing the charm of artfully displayed plants arranged in the garden of a traditional Japanese home, the set features the following:

Petits Gateaux

  • Matcha cream puff with matcha pie crust
  • Matcha Opera Cake with a rich taste combining Matcha cake and ganache
  • Matcha monaka with a gyūhi soft mochi and azuki bean paste filling then dusted with bright green Matcha
  • Meringue Chantilly made with a Matcha meringue and Chantilly, then decorated with cocoa nibs

Finally, to achieve the theme of the afternoon tea set, stalks of Nasturtium leaves, tarragon, clover and other herbs are planted on the tops of each petit gateau, reproducing the visual effect of plants in a Japanese garden and, according to the press release, thereby expressing the Japanese sense of wabi-sabi.

Matcha shiratama shake

As an accompaniment, guests will enjoy a Matcha and shiratama shake. Served in a Matcha tea cup, it features shiratama soft mochi balls, vanilla ice cream, and strawberries. The waiter will pour a Matcha milkshake over them just before serving, thereby completing the beverage.


On a separate plate, a ball of fermented butter decorated to look like a moss ball and home-made yuzu cream accompany black sesame scones and kinako roasted soy flour scones freshly baked from the oven.


Rounding off the tea set are a selection savory offerings prepared by the neighboring French restaurant, including:

  • A quiche made with soramame fava beans and soboro seasoned ground chicken
  • A salad featuring aji (horse mackerel) escabeche and okara seasoned soy pulp

As well as other dishes, all arranged with the essence of Japanese cuisine and designed to match the Matcha sweets.

As for beverages, guests will be able to imbibe any one of 24 varieties of drinks, including black tea from the popular tea shop Lupicia. Refills can be ordered at any time.


  • Until July 31st, 2020
  • Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay
  • Website

This Green Botanical Afternoon Tea set can be ordered at one of two locations within the hotel:

New York Lounge by Intercontinental Tokyo Bay

  • Times: 11:00 to 19:30 (last order 21:30)
  • Reservations: 03-5404-7895 (direct)
  • Weekday price: 3,731 JPY, weekend price: 4,222 JPY + tax and service
  • Website

Hudson Lounge by Intercontinental Tokyo Bay

  • Times: 11:30 to 20:00 (last order 19:30)
  • Reservations: 03-5404-7894 (direct)
  • Price: 3,621 JPY + tax and service
  • Website

By - Ben K.