Sometimes, more often if you're a talented photographer, you come across magic moments of incomparable beauty. Hopefully, that's when the shutter opens and the moment is captured on film.

Such a moment happened to Japanese photographer Koki Ueda (@fuehrsn) on December 8th, 2020.

He had set up his camera at a scenic vantage point on the 高ボッチ高原 Takabocchi Highlands, in the eastern part of Shiojiri City in Nagano Prefecture. The vista from this spot is quite famous, and has been used as the backdrop for anime before.

Here are the magical photos he captured in the moments before dawn, and shared on his Twitter account:

Reproduced with permission from Koki Ueda (@fuehrsn)

Reproduced with permission from Koki Ueda (@fuehrsn)

With Mt. Fuji standing majestically in the background as the yellow, orange and pink hues fade into the deep blue sky still bathed in the lingering moments of night, the city lights shine in the foreground as their reflections glimmer like jewels on the surface of Lake Suwa.

The Tweet, which has over 23,000 likes and over 4,400 retweets at the time of writing, elicited numerous plaudits such as:

  • "Omg! This is so beautiful."
  • "I would like to see Mt. Fuji like this."
  • "Who knew that such a gorgeous scene could be witnessed at the border between night and day..."

If you'd like to appreciate more of Mr. Ueda's beautiful photography, follow him on Twitter or Instagram.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.