Japan is no stranger to adorable bread which comes in a range of cute shapes and flavours. We’ve seen corgi butt shaped bread and even watermelon themed bread, but one bakery which has really gone all in on one particular animal-shaped bread is All Hearts Company.

A few years ago they launched their ‘Neko Neko Shokupan’ range with super fluffy breads shaped like cat heads, complete with ears, which come in a range of different flavours.

Now they’ve landed a collaboration with arguably the most famous magical girl anime of all time, to celebrate the release of Sailor Moon Eternal.

This limited time treat is based on the heroine’s feline companion, Luna. The bread consists of a black base flavoured with black cocoa and cute pink ears that are strawberry-flavoured. A yellow chocolate pen is included to draw your own version of Luna’s signature crescent moon.

The set comes in an adorable box and bag decorated with all the main Sailor Moon motifs, making it a great gift for any magical girl wannabe.

The Luna bread will be on sale from 11th February until 25th March to coincide with the film’s release, costing 1200 yen plus tax. It can be picked up at All Hears Company’s various stores (Heart Bread Antique, Pastel, Grandir, Pinede, Baguette Rabbit) and their online shop (online price may differ).

By - Jess.