According to the Japanese government and various news agencies , Covid-19 infections continue to spike, with national record-highs reported in December.

Posters on JR trains read “the new normal” of train travel, announcing their frequent spray-down of train cars aimed to reduce infections and keep passengers safe.

Similar preventative measures can be observed at restaurants, department stores, gyms, and all sorts of businesses across Japan.

From body temperature scanners and alcohol spray available at all entrances, to limited seating, everyone is doing their best to stay safe while still staying open.

Many businesses have been able to avoid infections, but not all.

Local Café Closure

Twitter user Satosatosatochi (@satosato_3104_) is a regular customer at his local Starbucks.

On December 1, 2020, he tweeted an image of a temporary closure notice posted at his Starbuck’s entrance because an employee was infected with Covid-19.

Reproduced with permission from Satosatosatochi (@satosato_3104_)

There was a sign on the Starbucks I always go to…

which says they’ll be closed for a while.

As I walked by, day after day, people keep posting these heartwarming messages on the door.

I hope the employee gets better soon!

I look forward to the day I can enjoy your delicious drinks again.

Starbucks customers are undoubtedly loyal, as you can sometimes tell from the long lines of people waiting patiently when they could just as easily get a cheaper coffee from 711.

Upon learning that their Starbucks was closed and one of their beloved staff was infected, one after one, customers stuck up notes to express their sympathy, gratitude and well-wishes for the sick staff.

Drinking your coffee is always a pick-me-up when I’m tired from work. Thanks so much!

I pray that we can overcome this pandemic and return to the happiness I took for granted. I hope the staff recovers soundly.

You always served me with a bright and gentle demeanor. I took that daily blessing for granted.

I pray that the infected person recovers quickly and we can return to regular daily life. We don’t lose to Corona!

These messages can teach us quite a profound lesson about how much we take for granted. And especially for those of us living in Japan, we still have so much to be grateful for. As other countries’ citizens are not able to go out and continue living as we are.


On December 5th, Satosatochi updated his Twitter with the following image.

Looks like his Starbucks was able to reopen and everyone’s messages were well-received by the staff!

By - Mujo.