Talented special effects artist turned fashion designer MALICIOUS.X (Twitter/Instagram) crafts incredibly stylish and sometimes horrifying accessories, but her awesome masks might be appreciated at no better time than now.

Her series of pleat face masks includes a "creature face mask" that lets you bare your fangs and unleash your inner beast. By opening your "mouth" your can reveal a gaping maw of scary razor sharp teeth!

Some of the dark and fascinating masks the designer makes include the above fanged creature, reptilian eyes, and even cat fangs.



Reptilian eye


Cat fangs


MALICIOUS.X doesn't just limit herself to masks, however. She creates a lot of amazingly detailed and stylish fashion items, many of which use fangs or a mysterious triangular eye as a motif.

You can order any of her face masks from her official site (English language and international order available)! You can check out some highlights of her darkly awesome work below.

By - Big Neko.