Cat-related goods and themed-cafes in Japan often take advantage of some creative power when crafting their releases and menus, as can be seen with the kitty fruit tart bed and the colorful Sailor Moon Cafe menu. Recently, a Tokyo cafe by the name of Artspace&Cafe MUSA took things a kitty-paw further with their menu at a cat-themed menu event they held running January 13th-14th. Of course, standard cutesy feline-inspired dishes such as the one below were on display.

The fairly standard cat-themed dishes aren't what have people on Japanese social media talking, however. It's the oddly realistic and jarring photos of the cafe's dessert, and its interesting name, as shared by @Oedo_nekosukiy.

Source: @Oedo_nekosukiy

The dish, served with a scooping tool, has the convincing appeared of a used litter box. It's also called the "flower picking set", which might work as a poetic euphemism for cleaning out your cat's litter box. Fortunately, this isn't the real deal. The striking resemblance is accomplished by mixing puffed rice snacks (or cereal), and karinto, a sweet and deep fried Japanese snack usually coated in brown sugar.

Many commented on the photo, with conflicted feelings of praising it as so realistic it can be considered art, but also not the greatest inspiration of appetite. Regardless, you now know how to recreate cat poop and litter should the idea ever appeal to you!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.