We're all about keeping up with the latest fashion trends at grape Japan—and in this country, that's no small order. We've covered eye-popping Tokyo street fashion, the hottest cosplayers, and influencers who break the rules. We even caught up on the latest mask trends during the pandemic, because...you know…safety is cool too.

Most recently, we were excited to learn about the "Tokyo Wotogibanashi" collection, the Tokyo fairy tale heroines collection. The product line is featured on the website of "KATE" which is part of Kanebo Cosmetics Co. As the name suggests, the product line was inspired by heroines from famous Japanese folk tales.

As you can see, they are pretty awesome characters. Starting at the top, and moving clockwise there is Kitsune no Yomeiri (a fox who became a human wife), Kaguyahime (bamboo princess), and Tsuruno Ongaeshi (a crane disguised as a woman). Of course, each character, modeled by Ayami Nakajo, features several products available from "KATE" on their website.

Virtual makeup simulator

Furthermore, interested readers are in luck. The makeup products can be demoed using a handy makeup simulator. The process is straightforward: just head to the website, click on "Virtual Tester," select a product, and scan the QR code with your phone. It's just a few easy steps from there.

And….as I’m the only one here...I guess I’ll be the guinea pig. Internet, please be kind…

Arriving at the landing page linked by the QR code, you can load the simulator and snap a quick shot. As you can see, there is some kind of softening filter that is auto-applied. This is very fortunate; I haven't seen the sun since the pandemic began, and lo and behold, the simulator makes quick work of the dark, dark, tired bags under my eyes. Shoo.

Photo by Luke Mahoney

Below the simulator, you can select products and, say, add pink lipstick. Eye color is also available, so perhaps gray will work. Gray and pink match, right?

Photo by Luke Mahoney

Ehh...I dunno about gray. Again, I have a problem with racoon eyes. But I’m really feeling this pink…

Photo by Luke Mahoney

Looking good, looking good. Maybe just a touch of gray, perhaps some gray colored eyeliner.

Photo by Luke Mahoney

Move over ladies, there’s a new Japanese heroine in town.

Also, if you are so inclined, you can demo the set pallets used by the characters mentioned above.

Here's a taste:

Photo by Luke Mahoney

And with that, I’m ready to hit the town.

Oh right, the pandemic…

By - Luke Mahoney.