You may remember Tsuchiya Kaban, a luxury Japanese leather bag manufacturer, for their series called "the fun of carrying." The project recruits talented designers and artisans to create interesting bags showing their own unique artistic profile. It's gotten a very positive response on Japanese social media, particularly for how charming and peculiar the designs can be--as evidenced by a bag designed specifically for carrying watermelons.

The theme of bags with a very particular purpose continues. This time the artisan featured is Yuko Matsuzawa, who has designed a bag that solely exists to carry miniature snowmen.

Not only is this entry in the series quite specific, but it also seems like it would make for a tragic ending of Frosty the Snowman. You'd be wrong, however, as Matsuzawa, who says she was inspired by the idea of being able to bring home a snowman, has designed the bag to perfectly accommodate a mini-snow friend.

The bag itself is made of a smooth leather with a strong waterproofing agent in each fiber of the leather, so it maintains a sleek appearance without any leakage. The interior is made of cold insulation polyester lining, which makes bringing home your snowman a non-melting affair.

Notice that the bag has a standing disk/tray to keep the snowman from following forward when carried, a slot for the carrot nose to perfectly fit into, and even a pocket to keep your ice pick in!

With or without the snowman (although why not use it to give your snow creation a home?) the bag is quite fashionable.

While the charming winter-themed bag isn't for sale, it's currently on display at multiple Tsuchiya Kabana stores.

By - Big Neko.