Thanks to the new Sailor Moon movie release, fans in Japan are currently being treated to a whole array of amazing Sailor Moon collaborations and products. Even a Tokyo planetarium, Konica Minolta, is being taken over by the famous Sailor Guardians. The planetarium has several branches in the capital, and all three will have original Sailor Moon products and decorated lobbies to mark the occasion.

But the Cafe Planetaria located in Yurakucho's 'Konica Minolta Planetarium Tokyo' is the only location where you can find these awesome Sailor Moon themed menu items. The super cute drinks and desserts are all inspired by different characters and motifs.

The ‘Super Sailor Moon Lychee Milk’ (800 yen plus tax) has a crescent moon lemon decorating the top and comes with a pink grapefruit syrup which can cause the beverage to ‘transform’ just like an anime magical girl.

The ‘Tuxedo Mask Chocolate Latte’ (800 yen plus tax) is instantly recognisable as the mysterious character thanks to the colour scheme and decorative mask.

For the desserts, there’s the ‘Super Sailor Moon Parfait’ (1200 yen plus tax), which is made from strawberry ice cream and pineapple jelly, decorated with a crescent moon and bow, with colours based on the Sailor Senshi uniforms.

For a whole selection of pink desserts, there’s ‘Super Sailor Chibi Moon’s Sweet Box’ (1100 yen plus tax), with a raspberry sandwich and a berry-topped baked dessert.

The ‘Otome Berry Tart’ (1000 yen plus tax) is topped with three types of berry and has a Crisis Moon Compact macaron as an extra adorable detail.

These striking doughnuts are themed around five Sailor Moon characters. Fans can choose from colourful treats based on Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars or Sailor Uranus (600 yen plus tax).

This galactic collaboration is ongoing until 17th March 2021, so there’s plenty of time to get over to the Cafe Planetaria and enjoy these magical eats for yourself.

By - Jess.