Icarus flew too close to the sun. The Tower of Babel was perhaps a bit too tall. And now in Japan, one glutinous fool perhaps asked for too much from the junk food gods.

Well, that would be just as plausible a background story for the new Super Sour Cream and Onion Yakisoba instant noodles released in Japan. The actual explanation is that it's the result of a collaboration between the potato chip giant and Super Cup instant noodles in Japan.

The two have actually collaborated years before with a similar release, but the 2020 incarnation is a take on the recent "Super" Sour Cream and Onion Pringles released in Japan that have extra seasoning. Naturally, the two companies decided that extra strong sour scream and onion would be a great flavor for an instant version of Japan's fried noodle dish, yakisoba.

We tried it out, and well, this it how it goes!

After cooking your noodles in hot water (and pouring it out) you throw in a provided pack of a strong onion and garlic flavored oil. Make sure to stir well!

You then empty a provided packet onion and garlic you empty a provided packet of sour cream and onion seasoning. It definitely lived up to it's billing, with the scent equating to what (in my my humble opinion) seemed like having three sour cream and onion Pringles cans emptied in front of you.

Mix it all together and you are rewarded with this!

Taste? Well, you'd be surprised. Yakisoba itself is always lathered in delicious sauce and mayo so you'd think a version of it with no visible sauce would lack flavor, but this is pretty powerful! The noodles are actually kinda tasty, and provide a different context to the normal saucy variety of yakisoba. It's essentially like eating an entire can of sour cream and onion chips in noodle form. If that's what you want, be like Icarus and soar to the junk food sun.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.