Jakuchu Ito (伊藤 若冲, 1716-1800) is considered one of Japan's master painters from Japan's isolationist Edo period. While many of his works, hanging scroll paintings that blended elements of Chinese paintings he observed at Zen temples with traditional Japanese style, featured some fantastical elements, one very common motif he embraced was beautifully drawn chicken and roosters. And although his success as one of Japan's most prolific painters started with him leaving his family's grocer business, it appears things have come full circle now that a Japanese patisserie has turned his famous paintings into gorgeously iced cookies.

These almost-too-beautiful to eat cookies (don't worry, they are edible) come courtesy of sugar cookie shop Antolpo, which specializes in custom-made icing. The attention to detail and the delicate artistic style of the original paintings would do Ito himself proud, and at least be the best looking dessert he ever had. Ito himself owned chickens and roosters that he observed as inspiration for his art, but it seems that Antolpo faithfully observed his work to make these wonderfully and painstakingly crafted cookies.

Nandina and Rooster (動植綵絵 南天雄鶏図)


Source: Antolpo Blog

Rooster and Hen with Hydrangeas (紫陽花双鶏図)


Source: Antolpo Blog

Flock of Fowl (群鶏図)


Source: Antolpo Blog

Those in Japan can take a look at Antolpo for the cookies, but if the art has inspired you to check out more of Ito's works, these cookies happen to coincide with an exhibit celebrating the 300th birthday of the famous painter at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Be forewarned though, as the museum has peak hour lineups that can reach 320 minutes! If acquiring the cookies and the thoughts of braving those lines is a bit too much for you, you'll always have these tasty-looking pictures to admire, at least.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.